With established design parameters for your brand, anything is possible.

This process will begin with a conversation. You and I discuss in-depth the future that you envision for your brand - think BIG PICTURE. We will also identify the parameters of your desired target market. After we establish these vital points of reference, I will then begin to create your Brand Board.

What is a Brand Board?

A Brand Board is one of the most important tools used in Art Direction. It is visually similar to a mood board, but instead of offering vague ideas or “food for thought,” it establishes set-in-stone design guidelines that allow your brand to grow in a cohesive manner across all visual platforms.

How is a Brand Board created?

Relevant design aspects incorporated in the Brand Board include (but are not limited to) photography & video style, icons, color palette, prints, fonts, and more. Every facet is catered with a strong emphasis on the psychology of best marketing practices, specifically with your brand’s aesthetic and target audience in mind.

After defining your company’s brand DNA with this board, I can then further assist you with the creative development behind marketing campaigns, website design, digital strategy, product photoshoots, and many other creative projects. It is with this Brand Board that we can ensure every visual marketing tool on behalf of your company is identifiable as uniquely you.